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Show sidebar | Adventure Kit: 30 Days Lost in Space | Arduino IDE Compatible | Coding Challenge | Kids & Teens Robotics Project | Engineering Set by NASA Researcher

Fix That Ship, Hero: Up for a mind-expanding challenge? Your comprehensive new Adventure Kit offers 30 thrilling days to repair your crashed spaceship, which landed on a VERY strange alien planet. By month’s end, you’ll be fantastically familiar with coding, circuits, programming, wiring, and hardware repairs…Wow! Space Experts Know The Ropes: Creative + Brilliant + Generous = the creator of this enchanting sci-fi adventure challenge, which explains its growing popularity. Originated by a NASA researcher and college professor, kids 12 and up are loving this story-based learning experience that jumpstarts the brain in areas they may choose to pursue in future technical careers or hobbies. A Galaxy Of Tasks & New Skills: Once the quest begins, each day brings an exciting new repair and awesome lifelong skills to absorb. Each circuit kit includes an array of high-tech elements, like: Arduino IDE Compatible HERO Board; Breadboard; Rotary Encoder; LEDs; Ohm Resistors; Displays; Buzzer; Keypad; Cables; Wires; and more, all in a neat portable storage case. Surprise A Science Or Coding Kid (Or Group!): Parents, teachers, scout leaders, and others are finding the Adventure space challenge is a huge hit among groups and individual gift recipients. It’s an epic opportunity to learn and bond as a team while solving exhilarating problems that can help them survive & find their way home to Earth. Explore & Grow With A Unique Adventure: Inquisitive young inventors appreciate a fresh challenge, and sure delivers with a variety of brilliant assignments over the course of 30 days. Delve into this exciting science-fiction adventure while gaining knowledge in several modern-day skills & topics like coding, cable configuration, circuitry, and design. Have a Blast (Off)!