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PC Products PC-7 2-Part High Viscosity and Strength Epoxy, 1/2-Pound Can, Charcoal Gray

51,00 Product Description PC-Rot Terminator is a two part Epoxy Wood Hardener designed for severly rotted wood repair and will add strength to rotted wood if properly used. PC-Rot Terminator is a one to 2 (1:2) ratio by volume mix. One part Hardener to two parts Resin. Surface to be treated must be dry and free of dirt, dust or grease. 1. Carefully pour the Hardener into the mixing bottle to Fill Line A. 2. Add Resin to Fill Line B 3.Tightly secure the mixing bottle cap and shake vigorously for one full minute. 3. Remove red cap and clip top of spout prior to using. 4. Dispense by pouring directly from applicator bottle or by transferring to a separate container for brushing on to affected area. Drill or poke holes to allow access to solid wood. Holes should be 1/8” or larger. After cure fill holes and rebuild missing wood with PC-Woody®. PC-Rot Terminator can be used for exterior or interior projects. Waterproof when cured. If non-structural area, please consider using PC-Petrifier® Rotted Wood Hardener. Cure time at 50F is 2-4 days, at 70F is 24 hours and at 125F is 2 hours. From the Manufacturer PC-Products, celebrating 60 years of “Fixing Your Things”, with quality, reliable repair products. Repair solutions for just about anything that needs repair or what you can manage to break. From Concrete to Wood restoration and heavy duty permanent repairs, we have you covered.Yeah; We can fix that!