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Heavy Duty PRO Flat Lifting Hooks Neoprene Best Padded Wrist Wraps With Heavy Duty Steel Hooks Power Weight Lifting Training Gym Grips Straps Wrist Support Bandage Set of 2 300KG Pull Rating 1 Year Warranty

Want to focus on your form in the gym instead of worrying about holding on to the bar? We have exactly what you need: Grip Power Pads Pro Lifting Hooks! These are available in both CLASSIC and REVERSED models. Male and female powerlifters, cross trainers and weight lifters will love our heavy duty solid steel lifting hooks for wrist and palm protection. Use them hard and often without worrying about wear and tear! Get A Secure Grip Every Time With Grip Power Pads! Why use Grip Power Pads Pro Lifting Hooks? If you're like many people, it may not be your arm strength that's lacking... It's likely your grip! Many people find that even though their arms are up for the job, they simply can't hold on securely when weight levels become intense. But that doesn't have to hold you back from continuing to make your workouts productive and challenging. With Grip Power Pads Pro Lifting Hooks for Men and Women, you can increase the weight and never have to worry about your grip! What’s the difference between our CLASSIC and REVERSED models? After receiving customer requests, we now offer REVERSED Heavy Duty Pro Hooks! The difference is that on our reversed model, the face of the hooks faces your palm to give you an excellent grip. What makes our Pro Lifting Hooks better than the competition? Glad you asked! Take a look at some of the reasons: They have an extra strong hook design. Unlike other weightlifting hooks, our hooks are made with heavy duty solid steel, so they can be used hard and often without showing signs of wear and tear. They're so strong that they have a 600 pound pull rating! They're fully adjustable. At 17.5" in length, the wraps on our lifting hooks can be adjusted to fit any man or woman perfectly. They’re available in both classic and reversed models. They're designed to give you maximum comfort and support. Our neoprene wrist wraps are extra wide (2 inches) to give you more wrist stability, and they're amply padded for cushioning. No distract