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Sanwo Security Bike Lock 4 Digit Resettable Combination Cable Lock for Bicycle, 2 Feet x 1/2 Inch (Pink)

This is a resetable combination lock, you can reset the combination as often as you like. 🍁 Operating Instructions 🍁 This lock is preset to operate at 0000.To set your own combination,follow the steps below. ♻️ Dial the combination wheels to 0000 and withdraw the cable. ♻️ Turn the knob 90 degrees clockwise to the designated position. ♻️ Reset the combination wheels to the desired combination,making sure the numbers are lined up with the pointer. ♻️ Have selecting your combination numbers,turn the knob back to the original postition in a counterclockwise direction. ♻️ The new combination is now set. ♻️ Repeat the 1-5 steps above to reset the combination anytime you like. ❤️ Note❤️ Pls do not forget the password. Otherwise, we can not help you. SCRATCH PROOF -- Protective ABS coating prevents our bicycle lock from scratching your bicycles, grills, golf carts, luggage, etc. WEATHER RESISTANT -- Bike locks withstand the effects of wind, rain, sun & rust. ◕‿◕ Durable, Super anti-cut, Trustworthy; no keys, Password adjustable, easier to use. ◕‿◕ Engineering plastic shell and flexible steel cables, solid durable, no cracking at low temperatures, High temperature environments without distortion. ◕‿◕ Cable and hose, non-toxic and tasteless , Symbol of national and EU environmental standards and requirements. ◕‿◕ Integrated 4-digit resettable combination lock with indexed number dials for error-free combination setting, the original password is 0000 and easy to reset. 🏆 Size 🏆 2'(0.6m) long x 1/2" (12mm)diameter.Great bike lock!!!