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Trigger Bell – Unique Safer Bike Bell – Ding while braking, turning and changing gear while in full control and on all bikes

Trigger Bell: A Safer Bicycle Bell For All Bikes Safer: Trigger Bell is a safer bicycle bell. Unlike a traditional bike bell, you can ping while braking, turning and changing gear Universal: Safer pinging for ALL bikes from racing bikes to Bromptons and fixies to mountain bikes. Trusted: The patented, under handlebar position, means over 8 out of every 10 cyclists say Trigger Bell is safer to use than a traditional bell. Adjustable: Adjustable strap fits handlebars from 22mm to 45mm in diameter. Concealed: Big sound from a small and discrete design to keep your handlebars clear of clutter. Trust Trigger Bell to help make you and other road users safer "See the road ahead and pedestrians in front of you, flick the trigger with your thumb as you stay in full control and ready to brake, hear the rich "ping" from the brass bell, and watch the path clear as you cycle safely by." Why Choose Trigger Bell? Brake, ping and control: Ping Trigger Bell without compromising your own safety as there is no need to loosen your grip or to choose between braking and pinging. Always within easy reach: Trigger is always within easy reach of your thumb making it very quick to ping. For a cyclist travelling at just 10mph, you can ping between 8 and 20 feet sooner than a traditional bell, keeping you safer. Featured in London Evening Standard, GQ, Glamour, Gizmag, BikeBiz, The Daily Mail and Singletrack.