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Double Sided Tape for Clothes, Body and Fashion (100 Pack) | Skin Tape & Clothing Tape for Women | Hem Tape No Sew No Iron | Strong Transparent Clear Body Tape for Skin for All Shades and Sensitivity

Take control of your clothes with Linda’s Essentials premium body and clothing tape; designed to help you with all your fashion emergencies and clothing adjustments. Hold your clothing and hemlines securely against your skin or undergarments, all while ensuring maximum comfort. SKIN & FABRIC FRIENDLY - Each strip in the pack is carefully produced with the highest quality adhesiveness to ensure perfect comfort on your skin. Our hypo-allergenic apparel tape is perfect for those with sensitive skin; it can be applied directly without causing any rashes or irritation. Our tape also ensures that you do not have to deal with any annoying residue on your fabric after removal. fashion hem tape for dress double sided tape for fabric double sided fabric tape hem tape for pants hem tape double sided tape for clothing hemming tape for dresses silicone gripper tape for clothing fabric tape double sided double stick tape for clothes hem tape no sew no iron bra tape for strapless dress double sides tape clear boob tape tape for women double sided boob tape lingerie tape skin tape double tape for clothes dress tape fabric to skin dress tape double sided for skin body tape body tape for skin double sided tape clothing double sided tape clothing tape fabric tape for clothes garment tape double sided tape for clothing clothing tape double sided bob tape for strapless dress double sided boobytape double sided clothing tape double sided fabric tape for clothing double sided skin tape body tape for clothes clothes tape double sided body tape double sided tape for cloth