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Rx Vitamins Rx Clay Powder for Pets – Anti Gas & Anti Diarrhea for Dogs & Cats – Pet Digestive Health & Stool Support – Cat & Dog Supplement for Elimination- 3.52 oz.

"About Rx Vitamins Rx Clay Powder for Dogs & Cats If your pet has tummy troubles, it can be nerve-wracking to find a good solution. Luckily, Rx Vitamins Rx Clay Powder for Pets is formulated to help with multiple digestive issues. This nanomaterial clay helps regulate the bowels by supporting natural elimination and therefore helping alleviate digestive upset. Put simply, this clay soaks up excess moisture in the intestines to help relieve diarrhea, gas, and bloating for your pet. A digestion supplement for your furry friend may sound like something you only need when they're ill, but on the contrary! This clean clay powder for pets is safe to use regularly to help maintain a healthy digestive tract. Rx Vitamins' formulation can also act as a targeted diarrhea treatment for dogs or cats, as the clay binds stool to improve quality and aid in elimination. This can also aid in cat or dog gas relief or bloating alleviation, which can help reduce tummy pain. Add a clay powder supplement to your do or cat health supplies and let the wonderful power of natural clay help your pet feel their best every day. Reach for Rx Vitamins Rx Clay Powder for Pets and help keep your pet's digestive health in tip-top shape!"