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Height Indicator Adhesive Ruler – American-Made 7 Foot Ruler on a Sticker Roll

Ruler Follower’s Height Indicator give you a clear, bright way to quickly reference height. The high-quality adhesive sticks to any clean, untextured surface – so you can set up a growth chart at home, create a measurement keepsake, or set up a height reference point in any work place, school, doctor’s office, or gymnasium. The Height Indictor is made from high quality material that will withstand the elements and exposure to the sun. It’s perfect for indoor or outdoor applications.Don’t worry about creases because once you’ve applied it, you can smooth away any air-bubbles or wrinkles by rubbing them out with your hands. Dimensions: - The Height Indicator measures from 0 to 84 inches with 1/8 inch graduations on the left side - The Height Indicator measures from 0 to 213 centimeters with centimeter graduations on the right side. - The Height Indicator is 1 ¾ inches wide and 86 inches long Application: To set up, simply start applying the rule at the base of the floor. Peel away about 2 inches of the tape from its liner and guide the Height Indicator onto the surface you are applying it. Once you’ve gently applied it correctly, keep going. It’s just like a sticker! Hint: You may want to use a level to ensure that it is straight. In the case of obstruction, like floorboards or moldings, simply measure the obstacle’s height and remove that length from the ruler with scissors. This is a single use Height Indicator. Once it has been applied, it can be easily removed without damaging the wall. But, it should not be used again.