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MYNT3D Super 3D Pen, 1.75mm ABS and PLA Compatible 3D Printing Pen

Doodle, sketch and paint in 3D with this quality pen. See images above. It features a stepless variable extrusion speed control that allows for dialing in the perfect flow. The temperature can be changed to allow for ABS or PLA printing. This drawing kit comes with a lightweight, ergonomic stylus, 3 colors of ABS plastic and a 100-240V AC 50/60Hz adapter. It has a Power Output of 10 Watts with an Input power of 5 Volts/DC 2A, so it can be used safely outdoors as well. FCC, CE and RoHS-certified. Turn your ordinary drawings into 3D works of art. Order yours today!

Vallejo Basic USA Colors Paint Set, 17ml

From the Manufacturer Acrylicos Vallejo The Vallejo company was registered in New Jersey, U.S.A., in the year 1965. In these early years it specialized in the manufacture of colors for animated films (cartoons). The most sustained expansion of Vallejo started in the nineties, beginning with the introduction of new products directed at the Model painting and Hobby sector. The company became the first specialist in acrylic colors, with a long and varied experience in all aspects of this branch of manufacturing. Model color Paint. A range of 218 acrylic colors, very highly pigmented, formulated for models and miniatures. Model Color is indicated for all surfaces, and especially formulated to adhere to plastics and polyesters.

Iron on Patches for Clothing Repair 20PCS, Denim Patches for Jeans Kit 3″ by 4-1/4″, 4 Shades of Blue Iron On Jean Patches for Inside Jeans & Clothing Repair

Save Your Favorite Jeans or Decorate Your Clothes Our iron on patches is made of highest quality fabrics,and the glue of our denim iron on patches are 30% more than others. You can design your personalized patterns, cut the jean patches into the shapes you want to patch or decorate your clothes to make your clothes unique. Patches for Jeans Key Feature: 1.Great Stickiness with More Glue 2.Durable 100% Cotton Fabric 3.Machine Washable 4.Easy to apply Package Included of Iron on patches for Clothing Repair 5.5 x Light blue denim iron on patches 5 x Medium blue denim iron on patches 5 x Navy blue denim iron on patches 5 x Black denim iron on patches 6.Free Sewing kit Instructions of Our Denim Patches for Inside Jeans 1.Wash garment before applying jeans patch. 2.Home Iron :Turn your iron on "Cotton" or set iron to 330℉. Heat Press:Set heat press to 330℉. 3.Cut into the shapes you want to patch or decorate your clothes to make your clothes unique 4.Ensure shiny side down on garment. Home Iron :Using a slow circular motion, iron firmly for 20 seconds. Heat Press:Apply medium pressure 15 seconds. 5.Allow denim patch to cool for 1 minute and check bond.Repeat steps 5 if necessary. 6.To ensure the bond is firm, sew around edges of the jeans patch.( Free sewing needles and threads we provided you ) 7.Wait 24 hours before the first time wash. Customer Service 30-DAY NO HASSLE RETURNS & LIFETIME CUSTOMER SERVICE Any questions you will have, please don't hesitate to contact us. If you like our product, click Add to Cart to get it.

Quefe 500pcs Craft Beads for Jewelry Making, for Bracelets Making,Space Acrylic Beads in Ink Patterns with 50pcs Spacer Beads and Crystal String (8mm)

When you look at our beads, please be patient and check for a few minutes. This is a set of absolutely beautiful beads that will never let you down. Package includes: 500 colorful ink patterned beads 50 antique silver spacer beads 1 roll of crystal string The beads surface have ink patterns, which is very classical. Antique silver beads can be used as accessories, stringed up in the way you like, and the elastic crystal string can be used directly without having to buy again. Use these beads and accessories to work with your friends on DIY projects to create a bracelet or necklace that is unique to you, or you can make a pendant to decorate any place you want. Our store is dedicated to providing you with affordable and high quality DIY handmade bead combinations, so that you can enjoy DIY time. Welcome to buy other products in our store. If you have any questions, please email us, thank you!

The Beadsmith Fireline by Berkley – Micro-Fused Braided Thread – 6lb. Test.006”/.15mm Diameter, 50 Yard Spool, Crystal Color – Super Strong Stringing Material for Jewelry Making and Bead Weaving

Braided bead thread has been recommended in many recent how-to articles on bead working. This is the fiber to use for all stringing which requires extra strength or multiple passes, but involves beads with small holes. This super strong, flexible, pre-waxed Braided bead thread incorporates gel-spun polyethylene. One of the strongest fiber cords per diameter ever created. Bead workers and bead stringers will find that this new product feels and works better than the finest bead thread, yet is as strong as jewelry wire. Most beads will not cut this product. It does not stretch, it knots easily, and will pass through a #12 beading needle.

Lineco Books by Hand pH Neutral Adhesive, Archival Quality Acid-Free Dries Clear and Quick Water Soluble Lay-Flat Property, 16 Ounces (1 Pack)

Lineco Books by Hand pH Neutral Adhesive, Archival Quality Acid-Free Dries Clear and Quick Water Soluble Lay-Flat Property, 16 Ounces

Reeves Liquitex 8-Ounce Matte Gel Acrylic Medium Gel

Liquitex offers the broadest range of acrylic mediums to inspire creativity at every stage of the painting process. Liquitex Gel Mediums add body to thinner paint for impasto techniques as well as extending color volume and adding transparency. Gels tend to dry slower than thinner paint films, allowing for more workable time. Gel mediums can modify acrylic paints in a variety of ways and since they contain acrylic resins, tend to improve adhesion and durability. Liquitex gel mediums can add texture enhance color and increase transparency within your work Liquitex Matte Gel Painting Medium dries translucent with a satin/matte finish.  Viscosity and body similar to Liquitex Heavy Body Artist Color.  Translucent when wet, transparent when dry. Thicker applications result in less transparent, dry medium films.  Mix with Liquitex Heavy Body Artist Color to obtain paint similar in color depth to oil paint.  Color mix will dry to a satin sheen. APPLICATION: AS EXTENDER: Mix with Liquitex Heavy Body Artist Color to extend volume and increase translucency while maintaining paint viscosity.   Mix with Liquitex Soft Body Artist Color to extend volume and increase translucency while increasing paint viscosity.   AS GROUND: Recommended as a translucent ground (size) for acrylic paint with excellent tooth and adhesion as an alternative to gesso. Will allow some color and texture of the support to show through. Use as a substitute size for the hide glue size traditionally used for oil paintings.   To prevent Substrate Induced Discoloration (SID) wash cotton or linen canvas before use.   EXTERIOR MURALS: If the support or wall is very rough, a coat of Liquitex Matte Gel Medium should be brushed, or toweled, onto the surface prior to gesso application.  FOR IMPASTO EFFECT: Mix with Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Color for impasto effects that dry to a matte sheen. Visit our Liquitex Amazon Storefront for full product assortment.

Viva Decor sock stop non slip Transparent Liquid 2,77 fl oz,ABS anti skid fabric – liquid anti-slip for socks – Made In Germany

Viva Decor ABS Sock-Stop slip-free is a water-based liquid to create a slip-free sock for your kids and to give them more confidence while walking on slippery floors or doing any kind of sports. ---Easy to use. Just with no effort, you can create your sock stop non slip clear with your choice of customised design. It provides the maximum coverage and safety for slick wood and tile floors. --- Easily washed. Just wash your socks in the usual way that you normally use and the material will be easily washed away without any extra effort. Usage Pre-wash before designing without fabric softener. Shake the non-slip color well before use. Cut cardboard or plastic sole to a suitable size and insert it into the socks. Apply ABS from the outside and approximately leave to dry for 24 hours. The non-slip stop colors can be mixed with each other Suitable for approx 12-15 pairs of socks.