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Paqui One Chip Challenge

About Us: In a world filled with “flamin’ hot” options packed with artificial ingredients, Paqui dares to be different. We believe that real heat comes from real peppers and shouldn’t be grown in a lab. From the tangy tomatillos in our Zesty Salsa Verde chips to the freakin’ hot bhut jolokia peppers, better known as ghost peppers, in our Haunted Ghost Pepper chips, we have got spice for everyone. As creators of the One Chip Challenge – made from real Carolina Reaper peppers – heat is what we do best. DO NOT EAT IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO SPICY FOODS, ALLERGIC TO PEPPERS, NIGHTSHADES OR CAPSACIN OR ARE PREGNANT OR HAVE ANY MEDICAL CONDITIONS. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. AFTER TOUCHING THE CHIP, WASH YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP AND DO NOT TOUCH YOUR EYES OR OTHER SENSITIVE AREAS. SEEK MEDICAL ASSISTANCE SHOULD YOU EXPERIENCE DIFFICULTY BREATHING, FAINTING OR EXTENDED NAUSEA.