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Viva Decor sock stop non slip Transparent Liquid 2,77 fl oz,ABS anti skid fabric – liquid anti-slip for socks – Made In Germany

Viva Decor ABS Sock-Stop slip-free is a water-based liquid to create a slip-free sock for your kids and to give them more confidence while walking on slippery floors or doing any kind of sports. ---Easy to use. Just with no effort, you can create your sock stop non slip clear with your choice of customised design. It provides the maximum coverage and safety for slick wood and tile floors. --- Easily washed. Just wash your socks in the usual way that you normally use and the material will be easily washed away without any extra effort. Usage Pre-wash before designing without fabric softener. Shake the non-slip color well before use. Cut cardboard or plastic sole to a suitable size and insert it into the socks. Apply ABS from the outside and approximately leave to dry for 24 hours. The non-slip stop colors can be mixed with each other Suitable for approx 12-15 pairs of socks.