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Air Innovations FILTER-HUMIDIF Humidifier Demineralization Filters – Set of 2

These powerful demineralization filters will help to prevent white dust by removing calcification and other impurities in the water. Recommended for customers with hard water. Demineralization filters work with most Air Innovations humidifier models: mah-408,mah-505, mah-509, mah-512, mah-513, mah-602, mah-701, mah-701b, mah-701c, and the mah-801, mah-801b these filters are not compatible with FILTER-HUMIDIF mah-901 humidifiers

Honeywell Home HC26P Whole House Humidifier Pad

Breathe easy and get the most out of your home humidifier with a Honeywell Home Whole House Humidifier Pad. These effective pads distribute moisture more evenly and thoroughly throughout your home. Anti-microbial coating works to reduce airborne bacteria and prevent mold, fungus, and algae and bacteria from spreading.